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Chapter 6.2 Eagle Lake Rules and Regulations
Adopted August 23, 1976
Effective September 1, 1976

Section 1.      Authority

The regulations hereinafter set forth are adopted by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Holden pursuant to and in reliance upon the authority granted by Chapter 408 of the Acts of 1936.

Section 2.       Bathing

Public bathing is restricted to the beach owned by the Town of Holden (herein the "municipal beach") and to areas permitted by the Holden Board of Health in accordance with applicable state laws, rules and regulations and to the prior approval of the Board of Selectmen. Public bathing at the municipal beach is subject to the following conditions:

(a)     Attire .

No person shall be improperly clothed. Changing of clothing, except in the bathhouse provided for that purpose is prohibited.

(b)     Time .

No bathing is permitted between dusk and dawn. Bathing is permitted only at such times as proper lifeguarding is provided, unless permission is otherwise granted by the Board of Selectmen or their designated agent(s).

(c)     Pets .

Domestic animals shall not be permitted to bathe in Eagle Lake.

Section 3.      Fishing

Subject to all applicable state laws, rules and regulations, fishing is permitted in Eagle Lake except from the municipal beach during times reserved for swimming.

Section 4.      Recreation Vehicles

Except for motorized craft operated by a governmental agency or its designee, water-borne vehicles shall be limited to non-motorized boats, canoes and inflatable rafts. All aircraft are prohibited from utilizing Eagle Lake as a landing area except in case of extreme emergency. All motorized motor vehicles are prohibited on the surface of Eagle Lake unless operated by a governmental agency or its designee.

Section 5.      Sanitation

Garbage or other refuse shall not be deposited in Eagle Lake or on properties adjacent to Eagle Lake in such a fashion that they might reasonably be expected to enter into Eagle Lake.

Section 6.      Parklands Adjacent to Eagle Lake

Use of public parklands adjacent to Eagle Lake shall be in conformance with the rules and regulations as adopted by the appropriate Town authorities. Persons using the public parklands adjacent thereto must observe any request of the attendant on duty or employee of the Town of Holden Forestry/Parks Department or the Recreation Department.

Section 7.      Liability

Persons using Eagle Lake for recreational purposes do so at their own risk.

Section 8.      Enforcement

Any police officer of the Town of Holden may patrol any part of the waters of Eagle Lake and shall have the authority to arrest any persons violating any law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in, on, or adjacent to the waters of said lake or violating any restriction, rule or regulation established under the authorities of Chapter 408 of the Acts of 1936.

Section 9.      Violations

Whoever violates any provision of these regulations shall be punished by a fine of not more than $20.00.

Section 10.     Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to abridge the powers and duties of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Public Works under Chapter 91 of the General Laws, or the powers, rules and regulations of the Metropolitan District Commission.

Section 11.     Rights of Others

Nothing in these rules and regulations shall be construed to prohibit, limit or otherwise restrict the owners of Eagle Lake and/or the abutters thereto from imposing further restrictions on the use of the waters of Eagle Lake, to the extent that such are permitted by and are not inconsistent with the provisions of Chapter 408 of the Acts of 1936.

Section 12.     Headings

The entitlement or heading of the several sections of these rules and regulations shall not be construed to constitute any part hereof.

Section 13.     Severability

Each of these regulations shall be construed as separate to the end that if any regulation or sentence, clause or phrase hereof shall be held invalid for any reason, the remainder of that regulation and all other regulations shall continue in full force.

Section 14.     Effective Date

These regulations shall be effective September 1, 1976.

August 23, 1976                 Lloyd W. Starbard
William E. Hale, Chairman               Leo P. Labbe
Mary Jane McKenna                       Robert V. Johnson

Amended August 17, 1992

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